Monday, 6 September 2010

My Dell Inspiron

There is time for everything. For example buying house, getting married, going abroad etc. even in my life buying a laptop too, I think I should have waited for the time. But force from all sides, I couldn’t wait for time. Friends were asking, parents were telling, church people ….finally I thought, ok, let’s go and see means enquire. I went to many shops in Mumbai. No way. I went to Kerala, no match, seen few shops. No way, went to Pune. No hope. Finally came back to Mumbai and started searching for a good one.

One of my friends suggested one. I went to see in the shop. Shop was good, well built, well furnished. Sales people talked to me in very good marketing way, giving me many offers, it will suites you, you will have good profit from this, it’s the latest model….i fallen to their hands! I had one condition in my mind, if I buy it should be Dell no other brand, I can’t accept any other caste. Inspiron was in Dell family, so I thought, it will suit for me. She will be my life partner. So I agreed. Paid the money. But few of my relatives doesn’t like this my chosen laptop. But I told them, this is the one God chosen for me, let me accept it. So in front of my friends and relatives, I carried my favourite Dell Inspiron to my home.

Days passed. Months passed. When I started working on my laptop, I came to know that shop cheated me saying many good things about the laptop. It was just a dubba we call it. The operating system is not updated, software are not updated. Just the body is like a normal laptop. I am very good in designing, but none of my designing software is working on this lap. I tried many times to install. No way. All entertainment programs are working well, but I don’t like any such programs. I cannot work properly, I cant do any job. Only its allow games and chatting. Slowly I came to know viruses intrude in the lap. Its multiplied. Virus taken complete control over the laptop. I tried my best by cleaning the disks, but I failed. Now I am helpless. I cannot sell it out, I cannot throw it out. I am carrying with me, because I paid for it.

Now I think, I should have wait for some more time and I should have test the laptop before buying it. At least check the programs, memory, disks , virus etc. then if I satisfied with, go for it. Not to hurry for anything. Without laptop also people can live!. There are many people around me. But once you bought, you cannot give up. Rare people does that. Now I tell my friends , do prefer love marriage other than arranged marriage, why? I repeat again check, test , find any major faults then buy it, otherwise you will repent later in your life.