Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A dream of night ride

Yesterday night at 11.30 after I left Fr. Jaison to Thane station for Bhopal , while riding back on highway, the road was empty and the breeze was cooled by the way. My mind was running far and I was riding slow because of the coldness. Some devotional line came to my lips and I was in a different world. One truck passed in front of me, and I usually think about a tragedy while alone riding. This moment also I thought about the death. Then it came to my mind that , if I meet an accident what will be the situation? Some passengers may stop and take me to the hospital. My phone is in pants pocket, so it will not lose, and then people will take the phone and try to contact the relatives. But if am not in conscious, how they can call to my relatives? They might check my recent phone calls. Then the most contacted person will be Fr. Jaison. They will dial to father’s phone, immediately he will pick up, even if he is in train. When they inform to him, what will be his first reaction? Their train is yet to reach on station, scheduled time is 12.5. By the time I reached at Ghodbunder Rd , highway, near to my house, may be 20 minutes from station because the road was half empty. Before my turn from the highway, there is a signal and further a police station. While reaching to that signal I could see few vehicles stops there and red lights are shining. Even my accelerator gone down and I too stopped behind one truck. Then I thought at night time normally signals won’t work, it will be blinking yellow for slow moving, and then why now people stopped. I moved forward by the side of the truck, and I could see one boy of 20’s age lying on the road in a pool of blood and no movement on his legs or hands. One bike is lying aside with two parts at front. Also one truck stopped near to that. Few passengers taking his body to a Wagoner and one police jeep came on that time. I just turn the key down and put my head on the handle. The time is 12.05. father’s train must have come. The dream I had while riding came true now in front of me!. We had to wait again 10 minutes before the spot for, the police wanted to have some inspection. Then they left us to move forward. After I passed the accident spot and pool of blood, my mind again went to the half stopped dream. Being in a hospital, who will be there with me?? No , just forget it. I always have a faith in God, and I usually believe that , if I ride or go for some church work, nothing will happened to me, especially when I take Father to any place I know , I am with a god’s messenger, nothing will happen. When I reach at my home, for two minutes I just recalled the incident. I was dreaming on the way and I passed 20 minutes on highway along with other vehicles and trucks but nothing happened to me. That was the hope that I could realizes from the past incident. God is great, and he plays different games with different people in different time…yup.

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