Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Being Human !

Are we? This question has a vital role nowadays. It May be because of the Delhi recent rape incident. Now people talk about sex and sex education in teens and also public talks about the life style of girls in the cities. There was a talk show in one of the south Indian channel recently and in that, the retired High court Judge Justice D. Shree Devi told, instead of people crying for Sex education in children they should have first ‘Family Education’. She meant that, if you are aware about the custom, culture, sense of humor, character then you will not be a part of rapist. If you know the value of a family and the human being whether it is a men or women, then you will not do the crime against the society or human being.

Even I strongly believe in the concept family education.  If we are following the family values form our family or society we couldn’t treat a girl as sexual commodity. Nowadays our parents don’t have time for our children. Then how they will learn the values? What values the parents can show in their families? How many families, whether it’s a Hindu, Muslim or Christian have evening lighting the lamp or candle and pray? Kids are now busy with channels , technology, gadgets and tuitions.

Schools have a significant role in imparting effective sex education to adolescents. Research has shown that with effective sex education to young adults in schools, it is possible to push back the age at which adolescents experiment with sex. These programs also have the potential to encourage youngsters to use protection during their first sexual experience.

However, although schools in the cities and suburbs of India are coming up with innovative health and hygiene workshops that deal with many issues;  the introduction of comprehensive sex education in schools on a regular basis still remains a subject of raging controversy. The existing education system in India is still much divided about conducting such workshops and programs within the school premises. In Pinnacle High we had two session of workshop on the subject ‘Sex education’. It gave a clear picture or some kind of knowledge (in fact our kids knew much more …) to the children who are not able to interact or talk about sex and the sexual problems to elders.

Research has shown that comprehensive sex education benefits young adults substantially. This program assist teenagers deal with peer pressure and teaches them the art of communication and negotiation. It assists them with imbibing assertive skills, crucial in their dealings with peers.

Parents of adolescent boys and girls can play an important role in imparting information on sex - related topics especially in the wake of it being sidelined in schools. When parents have educated their children about sex in an environment of openness, studies have shown that it has enhanced children’s understanding on the subject. Don’t be afraid to talk to your children. Indulging in talks related to sex and drugs help children to judge wisely when they are faced with similar situations. Further, children are likely to follow their parents’ advice and approach them in times of difficulty.