Saturday, 12 March 2016

Butt and Kiss

Shivani was on the way to home after the work. While sitting in the cab she thought of yesterday’s incident.

When I entered the house, the bed room door was partially open. I couldn’t see anyone in the house. There was only the sound of the fan. I just peeped into the room.  I saw he is lying on the bed facing down. I moved little bit near to him without any noise. The best part was no cloth on his body. Not even underwear. I just looked at his buttocks. So soft! Wish to kiss! But scared if he is awake? No I shouldn’t. But still my mind coercing me to go and peck. But I felt someone is dragging me from behind. No, No one is here. Just go inside and give him a kiss. I just moved inside the room. Still he is sleeping. I just looked at his naked body. I wish to kiss all over his body, but again scared if he awake or not! Anyway I just sat near to him on the bed and just touched his bums. Slowly I pressed!  He is still in deep kip. I pressed the both bums, and slowly kissed. I liked the smell of body lotion. Wah.. Once again I kissed on his shoulder. He opened his eyes, but no movement! Was it a catnap? Or he wants me to kiss again on his body? Why he didn’t awake?

 “Madam; reached your house” driver said. Oh.. Thank you bhaiya ..

When she was walking towards the door, she assumed her two year old son should be sleeping and she could finish the work before he wake up.